Christ Church

 Maplewood, MO​


Confirmation Sunday

May 6. Reception to follow.

Craft Supply Sale

SA May 26 at 9am- noon

See the Advance for details.


Sanctuary Trivia Night Fundraiser

June 16, 6:00pm

Trivia Night to support ongoing Sanctuary efforts and the Garcia Family at Christ Church. It's going to be fun!!! Everyone is welcome, but you need to make a reservation asap!

Make A Difference Teams 
Everyone is invited to join a team that is working to “make a difference” in our community. Jesus continually taught to defend the weak and lift up the powerless. Therefore, we work for justice. What is justice? Fair and equal treatment in society, including access to basic needs. Working for justice goes beyond charity to change the systems that cause injustice. Each team is engaging in research on their topic, identifying needs in our church and community, working to educate the congregation, and creating and implementing actions that improve the situation.

​Teams decide how and how often to meet and may be home meetings, coffee shop meetings, phone meetings, online meetings, or discussion via email.

Immigration Justice Team                    

Racial Justice Team                               

Economic Justice                                    

​Environmental Justice                          

Housing Justice Team                          

Health Justice Team                            

Sustainable Urban Farming Team    

LGBTQI Justice Team                          

Everyone is always welcome!​​

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