Make A Difference Teams Forming

Everyone who attends Christ Church is encouraged to join a team that is working to “make a difference” in our community. Jesus continually taught to defend the weak and lift up the powerless. Therefore, we work for justice. What is justice? Fair and equal treatment in society, including access to basic needs. Working for justice goes beyond charity to change the systems that cause injustice. Each team will do research on their topic, identify needs in our church and community, educate the congregation, and create and implement actions that improve the situation.

We have identified 8 potential areas for our attention. The issues will often intersect and overlap between teams. This gives opportunity for deeper understanding and working together.

It will be up to each team to decide how and how often to meet. Monthly meetings at the church are not necessary. Teams can decide to have home meetings, coffee shop meetings, phone meetings, online meetings, or make decisions via email. Whatever works for the team to accomplish their goals is fine. Teams will begin their work during Lent.

​Mardi Gras Sunday & Pancake Breakfast

February 11, 10 am Service, 11am Breakfast

​Ash Wednesday

February 14  11am-1pm Ashes to go (church parking lot)

                       6pm   Service of Love and Confession

Lenten Meditation Services

February 21 - March 21, 6pm (In the Sanctuary)

Everyone is always welcome!​​

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