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Flowers for the Tornillo Detention Center

Join us Weds 12/19 10:30 am Christ Church Library.

We'll be making some big beautiful tissue paper flowers for "Christmas at Tornillo". Tornillo is the detention camp for children in the middle of a Texas desert that grows daily with more than 2,500 minors currently.  There are efforts to bring more public and media attention to this camp, the policies that create and keep it growing, and to let the kids know that they are not alone. A contingent from STL along with folks from several other cities are going down between christmas and new years to bear witness, camp outside the center, create art installations, protest etc... The main installation will include these flowers, coming from all over the country, one representing each child being held.

Posada in Solidarity with Immigrants

Friday, Dec. 21 5:30pm- 9 pm

Please join us! This is a local twist on the traditional reenactment of Mary and Joseph's pilgrimage in search of an inn where they hoped to find welcome and community. 

All are invited to meet at Christ Church UCC in Maplewood. Then, you are invited to join your choice of two groups: the marching group, who will walk about three-quarters of a mile back to the Church, to honor Central American immigrants en route to the US; or the inn-keepers, who will be waiting at Christ Church, eager to welcome them. Transportation will be provided for the marching group to the starting point; the pilgrimage will process back to/arrive at the Church for the posada ritual. Once together, we will enjoy tamales, atole and other delicious Mexican treats. 


Drop In Action Center

​A drop-in action center has been created in our library. Hours are Weds from 10am-1pm and Sundays from 11:30am-1:30pm.

Our current concern for action: Children have been separated from their parents seeking asylum at our borders. It is not a crime to enter the country and ask for asylum. Every family deserves the chance to enter the country and plead their case. No family deserves the terror of separation. Young children may suffer from this trauma for the rest of their lives. Our military are not adequate child care providers. Tent cities, built by military contractors in the desert are cruel and inhumane places for children to live. When parents attempt to reunite their families, they are told they must sign "voluntary" papers for deportation or pay exorbitant fees.

Make A Difference Teams 
Everyone is invited to join a team that is working to “make a difference” in our community. Jesus continually taught to defend the weak and lift up the powerless. Therefore, we work for justice. What is justice? Fair and equal treatment in society, including access to basic needs. Working for justice goes beyond charity to change the systems that cause injustice. Each team is engaging in research on their topic, identifying needs in our church and community, working to educate the congregation, and creating and implementing actions that improve the situation.

​Teams decide how and how often to meet and may be home meetings, coffee shop meetings, phone meetings, online meetings, or discussion via email.

Immigration Justice Team                    

Racial Justice Team                               

Economic Justice                                    

​Environmental Justice                          

Housing Justice Team                          

Health Justice Team                            

Sustainable Urban Farming Team    

LGBTQI Justice Team                          

Everyone is always welcome!​​