Rev. Rebecca Turner

Greetings from Christ Church!
The people here call me “Pastor Becky” or just “Becky” or, perhaps my favorite nickname, “Pastor Friend.” I have had the pleasure of a 25-year relationship with this congregation, and I am delighted to be serving now as Designated Term Pastor, focusing on revitalization.

Being Christian is a journey, a path that is always changing, always leading us into new opportunities to become more like Jesus. I invite you to walk awhile with us, to explore ways to be a healing community, to combine our talents as a force for justice in a broken world.

Christ Church is a welcoming community without dogma. Come as you are, bringing your doubts, your hopes, your griefs, and your dreams. We welcome all races, genders, sexualities, ages, nationalities, and abilities into full participation in the congregation. You are an important part of God’s family.

Will you help us build this loving community of justice?


Christ Church

 Maplewood, MO​