Wedding Ceremonies

Christ Church, United Church of Christ welcomes people who are not members that would like to complete their marriage vows in our church sanctuary. Only after a couple has given serious thought to the meaning of their commitment to one another, should they call our church office to see if the date of their choice is available. They will also need to speak with our pastor to complete their wedding plans. 

Christ Church is an ONA (Open and Affirming) congregation. 

The following fees are charged for weddings at Christ Church United Church of Christ.  All fees must be paid in full within two weeks prior to the wedding.  

$300.00 - Sanctuary Rental
    75.00 - Custodian
  125.00 - *Organist for wedding only
  150.00 - *Organist for rehearsal and wedding 
  125.00 - Wedding Planner
  300.00 - Minister

$  75.00 - Chapel Rental  (seats 75)
    50.00 - Custodian
  125.00 - *Organist
  300.00 - Minister

$300.00 - Dining Hall Rental
     75.00 - Custodian

*Only the church organist, or the church organist's chosen replacement, is allowed to use the organ.​

Christ Church

 Maplewood, MO​