Christ Church

 Maplewood, MO​

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Worship Services

Sundays ​10:00 AM

Weekly worship is the heart of our spiritual community. We are always seeking creative ways to make our worship more meaningful, and we engage the diverse talents of those in our community. Each worship experience is different. We worship with a combination of eclectic music, dramatic readings, stunning visuals, interactive sermons, meditation, community prayer, challenge to justice action, communion, and personal stories of faith. Music is sometimes with an organ and choir, sometimes with a band. Our setting encourages lots of interaction. Whether you

are shorts-and-sandals or kind-of-fancy, you’ll be greeted with the same warm welcome.​ ​Some of our special services throughout the year include:
* MLK service                              * Easter                                                                 * Economic Justice/Labor Day                         * Music Day
* Migrant Justice Day                 * Earth Day/Blessing of the Animals                * World Communion Sunday                          * Hanging of the Greens                         
* Ash Wednesday                       * Holy Humor Day                                               * Children’s Sabbath                                         * Trip to the Manger
* Good Friday                             * Pride Sunday                                                      * Youth Sunday                                                  * Christmas Eve


Communion is a part of our worship once every month and is available each week at a side altar. All are welcome at Christ's table, always.